My oldest daughter requested ballet lessons at the ripe old age of 3. I acquiesced and continued on for the next 11 years with classes, costumes, and recitals. This wall hanging emulates her style when she was little in the ballerina panels and the modern sashing represents her style today 20 years later.

I really enjoy beading and adding dimension to my quilts and wall hangings. Each panel has been echo quilted to signify movement. The three yoyos add a bit of whimsy. It has a hanging sleeve on the white and red toile back. Please check my etsy shop to purchase:

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My cousin recently order 4 postcards with this picture of her and her sister on it. She gave me the quote and I added different fabric backgrounds for each card. This picture was taken in 1958 at the family farm in Joliet, Illinois. It is part of picture of the whole dining table. Although it was chilly day, we still had an outdoor picnic. The rest of the day was spent raking and burning leaves.

If you have an idea to personalize a postcard, let me know and we can work on something just as endearing.

Several months ago, I started collecting these brown and pink fabrics.I scoured quilt shops, Internet sites, and my stash. When I saw this pattern I knew it work very well with these fabrics.
I have never made a quilt with curves before. The instructions were clear and precise and I made use I pinned and pinned and pinned. By matching centers and ends, then continuing inwards, the blocks turned out perfect each time. I made sure the gathered section was next to the feed dogs. The fabric moved quite well through the needle. I removed each pin as I sewed.
I actually found the border fabric after the blocks were finished. They were the exact brown I needed. The large flowered print certainly compliments the geometric circles. When I finished the quilt, I thought they looked like chocolate cover cherries, or cherry cordials. They are named Cherry Cordial I, II, III.
I had some smaller squares from another project so, I decide to make a matching baby/doll quilt adding fabrics from the first quilt.
The first quilt had so many left over convex and concave pieces, I decided to use them to make a smaller quilt that work great as a wall hanging.
The set of all three can be purchased on my site at

Making a quilt for someone else is the most inspiring way to go for me as a quilter. While visiting my cousin in Texas, we took a trip to San Antonio. Along the way, my cousin remarked that she wished I could see the glorious wildflowers that grow along the roads in the Spring. She went on to describe all of them in great detail with wonder and enthusiasm.
I found a great applique pattern with all the Texas wildflowers. I then located on the internet, fabrics with these wildflowers in them. What a fun undertaking. I like to make my quilts in sort of a round robin fashion. ust figuring out what I will do next as it strikes me.
I gave it to her for her 60th birthday and it is called “Texas Wilds”. She could name all the flowers in the center of the quilt and was genuinely thrilled. She also knew exactly where she would use it in her house…the very place I had planned for it.
I always like to get a picture of the receiver holding the quilt. Their faces tell it all, don’t they.

My cousin, Diane, asked me to make her mom a large bib. This is what I came up with. It has vining brown pumpkins on cream cotton on one side. I chose these fabrics because my aunt was always in her vegetable garden, and liked planting her flowers.

The reverse is dark brown with green vines, sweet little yellow daisies and pink baby’s breath. The bib is 24 inches long and 15″ across. The diameter of the neck is approximately 20″.

Since there is a nice layer of cotton batting between the two layers of cotton, I quilted the entire bib using the vining pumpkins as my guide. If you need a larger size, let me know. I can also widen the bottom part that goes on the lap as well as adding ties at the waist. If you want a pocket at the bottom to catch everything, that can be added also.
The bib closes with a single snap which makes it difficult to pull off.

These bibs will be on a made to order basis, with customers picking out the color and other specifications. Contact me at my shop,

Quilting Cafe, where something is always brewing
What a fun way to find money, not under the tree, but on the tree. These 6″inch shiny stockings have a beaded holder and a small pocket to hold something special inside. They are stuffed with polyester batting.
To fill your whimsy, here are some bright fabrics for that contemporary tree. Please note that the green dotted stocking is already sold and hanging on someone’s tree!
Not into the stocking thing, these cute money holders will also hold the gift cards too! The pouch can then be used to hold those cards in your purse and the larger tag can be a great book mark.
This one has all sorts of flip flops and asia sandals on a black background.
This sweet gift card or money holder has swirling pink ladies inside a rose bud case.
For the Fashionista on your list, high heeled shoes, purses, and sunglasses are called for inside of green pouch. As always, they can be purchase on Etsy:

Quilting Cafe, where something is always brewing

Had some fun today with 4 new postcards added to my etsy shop.  My daughter asked me for a housewarming card for someone she didn’t know too well.  This was fun, although not knowing the person, I wasn’t sure of the colors, and just looked through my stash.  They could also be used for Thanksgiving.  whatever they are used for, they will be cherished and saved.







Autumn is upon us, colors changing in many parts of the world, and this is perfect for it:

Autumn Postcard...Camus

Autumn Postcard...Camus


And this one really warms my heart, because it is so true:

Grandmother Pretends Halloween Postcard

Grandmother Pretends Halloween Postcard

Hope you enjoyed them