Making a quilt for someone else is the most inspiring way to go for me as a quilter. While visiting my cousin in Texas, we took a trip to San Antonio. Along the way, my cousin remarked that she wished I could see the glorious wildflowers that grow along the roads in the Spring. She went on to describe all of them in great detail with wonder and enthusiasm.
I found a great applique pattern with all the Texas wildflowers. I then located on the internet, fabrics with these wildflowers in them. What a fun undertaking. I like to make my quilts in sort of a round robin fashion. ust figuring out what I will do next as it strikes me.
I gave it to her for her 60th birthday and it is called “Texas Wilds”. She could name all the flowers in the center of the quilt and was genuinely thrilled. She also knew exactly where she would use it in her house…the very place I had planned for it.
I always like to get a picture of the receiver holding the quilt. Their faces tell it all, don’t they.