Several months ago, I started collecting these brown and pink fabrics.I scoured quilt shops, Internet sites, and my stash. When I saw this pattern I knew it work very well with these fabrics.
I have never made a quilt with curves before. The instructions were clear and precise and I made use I pinned and pinned and pinned. By matching centers and ends, then continuing inwards, the blocks turned out perfect each time. I made sure the gathered section was next to the feed dogs. The fabric moved quite well through the needle. I removed each pin as I sewed.
I actually found the border fabric after the blocks were finished. They were the exact brown I needed. The large flowered print certainly compliments the geometric circles. When I finished the quilt, I thought they looked like chocolate cover cherries, or cherry cordials. They are named Cherry Cordial I, II, III.
I had some smaller squares from another project so, I decide to make a matching baby/doll quilt adding fabrics from the first quilt.
The first quilt had so many left over convex and concave pieces, I decided to use them to make a smaller quilt that work great as a wall hanging.
The set of all three can be purchased on my site at
I added a new quilt to my etsy shop, today. I fell in love with these pictures of “Things That Go” from Michael Miller fabric designs; reminds me of my childhood, as well as my own children. I know my son George, would particularly like the trains.
The colors all have a vintage tinge to them and evoke a warm feeling. Children will recognize each of the pictures and have fun identifying them. Think of the games you could play while lying in bed together. I Spy would be a great one. Or make up a story about each picture.
Here are the closeups of each quilted block.
The Fire Engine The WagonThe Delivery Truck
The Coupe Sedan

The Propellered AirPlane

The Passenger Train

The Freight TrainThe Cabin Cruiser The School Bus
The Tricycle
This is my newest play quilt that can be used in several different ways. It can be hung in a newborn’s crib. Games that can be played with the quilt are I Spy, Matching, Memory, and Tic Tac Toe. This is also great travel game, because it can be folded up into a small packet.

I work with special needs children in an early intervention preschool. From my observations, I have designed this playmat. Using these pictures, the child can learn about different modes of transportation as well as vocabulary. The large, simple pictures that can be matched will give the child a sense of accomplishment. As the child grows, tic tac toe is a great teaching tool for socialization by learning to take turns and sharing.

Here are pictures of the nine 4″ mini quilts which can also be used as imaginary vehicles.
Here is the play mat with the above 9 mini quilts.

Here are is the quilt with the X’s and O’s that can be played by the whole family of all pages.

These are closeups of several of the mini quilted play pieces
The quilt is made of 100% cotton and all pieced can be hand washed and dried flat.
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I work with developmentally challenged preschoolers everyday.  Learning must be broken down into the simplest steps.  Steps we take for granted.  Repetitive actions and reinforcements help all children.  I decided to combine my quilting into a travel game that is appropriate for all ages.

This 13″ X 13″ visually stimulating quilt excites newborns with its bright colored shapes and bold lines. Playing with the ten 4″ X 4″ mini quilts aids in small motor movement and dexterity. No attachments that an infant could swallow.

As the child grows, a matching game with the mini-quilts using the colored designs sharpens recognition and memory skills.

With tic-tac-toe, older children can learn cooperation through taking turns, use planning and logic through strategy, and develop early math skills through problem solving. The Xs and Os are paper pieced so they will stay intact with the other side being the bright fabrics.

The mat and playing pieces fold up into a 5-inch square and closed with an attached fabric covered elastic band.It can be tossed in a bag and played in restaurants, waiting rooms, car rides, etc. and also can be used as a placemat or security blanket.

It will last through many children as well as generations. It is truly an heirloom to be cherished for many years. Since all the pieces are cotton, they can be hand-washed and dried flat giving it a puckered look.

If you would like it made up in other colors or themes, please e-mail me at