Monday, January 19, 2015

SUNBURST, 41 Inch New York Beauty Quilt for Sale

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Six months to create and loving every second. So many design, color and fabric choices,
 Pics Taken Outside
 The pure saturation of color is enhanced by the sun. The free motion quilting also shows up better outside than inside .
Back of Quilt
The quilt is heavily quilt, puckering it every which way.
The wall hanging has a wooden lath enclosed in a hanging sleeve ready for immediate display. However, the lath can be removed and the quilt can be used as a lap quilt, table topper, baby quilt, etc., making it even more functional.
Can be machine washed on delicate and air dried flat.
Designed and quilted in my smoke and animal free studio.
Inside Pics
Pics of Quilts are better if they are lain flat and taken from above.
The spiked border is also paper pieced.  The corner blocks were designed to fit in with the spikes.
Each square was quilted with sunburst free motion quilting.

I just had to add these bad girls and their funny sayings to my tattoo girl postcards. Here’s one for either side in a divorce. I can think of a few I would like to yell this to!!! Here is one for the woman with the sexually challenged man…minus the romance for sure.

Honey, if I had 4 martinis I would be in the bathroom. But doesn’t Dorothy Parker say it so well? Do you know anyone this may pertain too, or would be funny just to send it to. Well, it is an old saying, but after a certain age, we ladies know it is true!
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As most quilters will agree, quilt scraps multiply profusely with each new quilting project.  I am no different.  Who knows when I may need a 1″ square of purple or a long string of green.  Early on, I luckily realized I should separate the scraps into country and brights…oh, yes, and 30’s, and Aunt Ruth’s stash, and, well you know the drill. 

I decided this weekend to attack the plaid country scraps and not stop until there was nothing, I mean nothing left of those flannels and evenweaves.  One hundred and forty-four  4″ blocks with approximately 900 strips altogether, I have my squares on my design board.  I find that taking a picture  helps me to see what doesn’t exactly fit. 

I don’t mean to be anal, but I do have a pattern here.  The center of each block is a green plaid or stripe.  The center blocks have the darkest center green strip, radiating out with lighter greens.    why so much green, you ask, and why the bright yellow.  My daughter made a Green Bay Packer quilt for her boyfriend…very hard to have in this house being Chicago Bears fans…so I have to get rid of every last piece of that dreaded green and gold plaid!!! 

Plaid strip pieced quilt in progress

Plaid strip pieced quilt in progress

I hate to start sewing the blocks together, because the quilt will shrink so.  I will look at this for a little while longer.

Just opened my virtual quilt shop on etsy:  Trying to decide if I should be come marketable by figuring out what sells or just keep making what I like and see what sells.  My machine is in the shop for two weeks, so I am figuring out how to do this blog…my first.  Also cleaning the studio and organizing.