Just finished another quilted wallhanging in my Wisconsin pan fish series:


Angler’s Delight

Each fish is an original design.

Using my own design, I choose a fabric for each part of the fish.

The fish is then machine appliqued leaving raw edges for extra dimension.

Each fish block is paired with a plaid flannel.Black Kona Cotton is used for the sashing.
Each fish is then thread painted with variegated metallic thread.

Each background is tea dyed and stipple quilted which makes
the fish puff out, giving it added dimension.
The back of the quilt is a golden wheat flannel.
My favorite part is adding each fish’s eye.
It’s when they really get their personality.
This quilt is 39 inches square. It’s hanging sleeve already has a wooden lat in it with a saw toothed hanger attached: ready for immediate hanging.
Wouldn’t this make the best Christmas gift for that angler on your list or maybe someone with a cabin. It will be an immediate eye catcher and conversation topic.
It is sold on quiltingcafe.etsy.com.

Quilting Cafe, where something is always brewing

I love to spend time up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. That wondrous place of clear blue water, heavenly pine trees, and glorious fresh air were the inspiration for these new items listed in my shop: quiltingcafe.etsy.com.
These mini quilts would compliment any decor where warmth is wanted: cabin, den, boy’s room, or basement.
What a sweet little cabin nestled among the pines on a starlit night. This 18″ square scrappy quilt is made from 20 different cotton flannels and evenweaves.
The trees, cabin, moon, and star are appliqued and finished with a button hole stitch. 15 buttons are hand sewn in the corners of the squares.
The branch is included.
Who wouldn’t love snow with this happy little snowman smiling back at them. This 19″ X 11″ scrappy quilt is made from 16 different cotton flannels and evenweaves.
The letters and snowman are appliqued and finished with a button hole stitch. French knots make up the eyes and mouth.
The Snowflakes are hand embroidered as are the snowman’s arms
This richly patterned 20″ X 13″ wall hanging contains about 25 different cotton flannels and evenweaves. Although the quilt does not have batting, it is flannel-backed to give it stability. All the seams have been machine embroidered in different stitches with gold thread. Two large buttons set off the centers of the blocks.The wall hanging is finished in pillow case style with no binding. The branch it is hanging on is included.
This little darling will keep watch over home and hearth.
The angel is paper pieced in cotton evenweaves. The body is a blue batik with embroidered flowers along the bottom. The hair is jute with two french knot eyes. Two vintage buttons finish.
The 8″ square mini quilt includes the birch branch hanger.
Lots of stars at night, especially with a crescent moon, with deer rustling in the pine forest.
This 21″ X 15″ scrappy quilt is made from 21 different cotton flannels and evenweaves.
The trees, deer, moon, and stars are appliqued and finished with a button hole stitch.
Quilting Cafe, where something is always brewing

This is the way to catch fish. No worms, no hooks, no mosquitoes to mess you up. Not only are this great to look at, each fish has its own personality. One of these quilted panels would look great in your cabin, bathroom,or child’s room.

Each panel is 11 inches square ready to be hung with a dowel inserted in the back. Check them out and others on my site: quiltingcafe.etsy.com.

Quilting Cafe, where something is always brewing
Here is the perfect foil to finding your luggage on the busy turnstiles at the airport. Whether you choose to use your college initials in the school colors or your favorite sport’s team name and colors, you will add real pizazz to your luggage.
One side of the tag has paper pieced initials of your choosing.
Everyone loves to show their pride by displaying their school colors.
The other side can have your name embroidered on it.
I made this one for my daughter’s college roommate. And by the way, don’t you love the suitcase…got it from my last “buying” trip to Harwin Avenue in Houston. But let’s not let the college kids have all the fun, you can have your own initials, sorority/fraternity, baby…the possibilities are endless.

Can be ordered from my shop: Quiltingcafe.etsy.com

Quilting Cafe, where something is always brewing

My oldest daughter requested ballet lessons at the ripe old age of 3. I acquiesced and continued on for the next 11 years with classes, costumes, and recitals. This wall hanging emulates her style when she was little in the ballerina panels and the modern sashing represents her style today 20 years later.

I really enjoy beading and adding dimension to my quilts and wall hangings. Each panel has been echo quilted to signify movement. The three yoyos add a bit of whimsy. It has a hanging sleeve on the white and red toile back. Please check my etsy shop to purchase: quiltingcafe.etsy.com

Quilting Cafe, where something is always brew
Grammie & mimi’s Baby Geniuses Grow Up is great fabric designed by Linda Carlson and Diana Henage for Benartex. I made two charm quilts from this collection. These pictures really cannot depict the vivid colors and dynamic patterns of the fabric.
The first quilt is 21″ square with a heavy, brightly colored flannel back. Just right for a security blanket on which to change baby or play I Spy with the patterns. Actually the light blue background is white…am going to have to retake those pics.
The other quilt is a bit larger and predominantly turquoise and green with the same brightly colored flannel back. This quilt will never go out of style, because my teenagers and 20 somethings love these too.
Check these quilts out on my site quiltingcafe.etsy.com
Quilting Cafe, where something is always brewing
My sister-in law out in San Diego loves NASCAR. When I saw this fabric, I knew I had to make her a quilt with it. Because the NASCAR fabric is so busy, I broke it up with turquoise sashing . After quilting in the ditch and crisscrossing the blocks, I named it “NASCAR Crossroads. ” I mailed it today and can’t wait to hear her reaction!
As you can see from the label, I put the title at the top. I then drew and colored a race car. It also has to and from whom, along with the date finished. Check on my earlier blog as to how to make this label: http://quiltingcafesbrew.blogspot.com/2008/10/how-to-personalize-quilt-label.html

Because I had extra NASCAR fabric that is licensed and cannot be sold in my etsy shop, I also made her the following cosmetic case. It is my first case and was so easy. It was fun, especially adding the colored beads as a zipper pull.

A quilter always has scraps, so I made a crazy quilt postcard. The bright colors really shine in this one. As always you can visit me in my shop at quiltingcafe.etsy.com

Quilting Cafe, where something is always brewing

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